The nucleus of your
control environment

Audit, Risk and Compliance are three major drivers for a sustainable control environment in any organization. Their closely knitted collaboration is essential for a robust controls culture. The name “Aucleus” has been derived taking inspiration from the significance of “Nucleus” within the core of an atom (The basic building block of any matter). Using technology to digitalize the entire lifecycle together with meaningful dashboards for critical decision-making, Aucleus can act as a Nucleus to create a robust and sustainable control culture within your organization.

About Aucleus Solution

Smart Solution

Built on decades of professional knowledge and hands-on experiences, Aucleus can cater unique processes and requirements of various industries including but not limited to Banking, Health, Utility, Telecom, Hospitality and those having dispersed geographical locations, extensive processes and stringent regulatory compliance requirements. 

Comprehensive Audit Solutions

Aucleus provides a holistic solution to your audit needs, built with the objectivity of enhancing controls, transparency and efficiency in auditing process making it entirely paperless.

Business Pulse Reporting

Make informed decisions with customized business pulse dashboards giving real time insights for effective decision-making.

Secure, Agile, and Automated

Aucleus focuses on automation and agility without compromising system security. Designed to work seamlessly across multiple technology environments while meeting international application security standards.
Integration and Customization

Integration and Customization

Seamless integration with other applications and platforms making Aucleus your adaptable companion.

The Modern Connected Risk Platform

Built on decades of professional knowledge and hands-on experience, our solution is tailored to meet the unique processes and requirements of various industries, including Banking and Financial Institutions, Medical Industries, Utility Companies, Hotel & Service Industries, and more.

Avoid Inefficiencies

Observe sufficient improvement in resource efficiency with improved documentation, evidence gathering, effective planning and smart execution. Aucleus can help you in reducing your inadequacies by organization your planning, execution, evidence gathering, report drafting and monitoring through a single platform.

Avoid Decentralization

Aucleus is a single solution for all your companies, associates and subsidiaries. Fit for all. With the help of Aucleus, you can have a 360 degree view of Audit Risk and Compliance for your parent, associates and subsidiaries through a single platform.

Avoid Complexity

Aucleus provides swift implementation for both On-premises and on Cloud with the team of subject matter experts. Sophisticated and user friendly features results in the quickest adoption by end users.

Avoid Irregularitie

Automate your compliance activities to avoid irregularities and non-compliances. Aucleus helps you in automatic tracking and follow-ups of your non-compliant observations with relevant teams through built-in workflows and notification.

Why Aucleus Aucleus Aucleus

Aucleus module image

Save your team hours of time with

Aucleus automatically collect evidence from dozens of cloud-based apps and services on-demand or on your preferred cadence.


    John Wick

    CEO Audit Compliance

    I want to express my gratitude to Aucleus for their exceptional work in helping our organization achieve audit compliance. Their meticulous attention to detail. but also provided valuable insights that will benefit our organization in the long run.


      CEO, Systems

      Aucleus played a pivotal role in ensuring our company's audit compliance. Their ability to dissect complex regulations and translate them into actionable steps was truly remarkable. Highly Recommend this product.


        Founder Of Star Industry

        I had the pleasure of working with Aucleus during our recent audit compliance project, and I must say they exceeded our expectations. Their thoroughness and commitment to delivering results were truly commendable.

        Key Features Features Features

        Risk Assessment Module

        Audit Execution Module

        Compliance Module


        Systems Administration

        Key Features Features Features

        Risk Assessment Module

        Audit Execution Module

        Compliance Module


        Systems Administration

        Encompassing Multi type Audit

        Strong Data Bank and Control Library

        Audit Planning

        Audit Execution

        Audit Programs

        Automated Reports

        Complete history and inventory of evidences

        Real time reporting

        Integrated with Auditee/Audience

        Role Based Customized Dash Boards: for Various Management Hierarchies up to Audit Committee

        Root cause Analysis

        Centralized Tracking and Follow up Mechanism

        Role based assess Management

        Swift integration to multiple IT platforms

        Client Side Validation

        Real Time Email Notifications through Integration with Email Server

        On-Premises & Cloud Based solution

        Integration with other Application

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          The nucleus of your control environment
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